Friday, 15 February 2008


Hey, so here I go with the obligatory intro on my obligatory blog. C'mon everyone has a blog these days. Its more (like) mandatory, like if you are a hiphop thug, you need to do the shot-in-the-knee walk too. 

So what am I gonna do here? Im not gonna use this blog to preach and promote my new sect theories or beliefs (honestly!), but I'll, hopefully, come up with something interesting that I've come across that particular day. Or maybe new music, considering Im wandering all over blog-dom looking for new music. The 2 people who find this much, interesting, can keep the url noted. Others needn't worry (as I will be sending y'all a daily dosage of spam links through Orkut, Myspace, Facebook, mail, door-to-door courier etc.).

Much Love,

AG aka Agent J aka Silver Phraze aka Gento Frasi.

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