Sunday, 17 February 2008

Li'l Thug Chronicles

Li'l Thug's are not a new phenomenon. You've probably seen them. They are everywhere. How do you spot them? They probably roll in their fly gear, hiphopped out, they hang around in packs, is allergic to using headfones on their mp3fones, and worst of all, they think they are gangsters. Well, they are gangsters, literally, as they do move around in gangs, but they are not exactly that in reality (i might have hurt one's feeling now).

London has these micro-mini-thugs aplenty, like Sania Mirza has pimples, and like them they do scar an otherwise enjoyable fare. I've got this friend who runs a local shop in a fairly peaceful neighbourhood, where I used to reside in. Now, there are these bunch of said mini-thugs that stroll around in the week-end afternoons. After a while once all the members have reported they start feeling invincible. This is when they decide to raid the local shops and show off their thuggery. When they reach my friend's shop, what they find entertaining is to send him to his wit's end by mocking his accent, intimidating him with bottles and stealing candy or beer, whichever is at hand's reach. Their Don was called Smokey, this burly fellow. Strikah was like the capo, this skinny kid with a bull-terrier (gotta admit that was a fierce animal).

One fine day I was hanging out with my friend in his shop, cuz I had nothing to do, plus he had a new delivery of porn magazines(kidding!). Smokey somehow reported to duty earlier than his members. He walked into the shop too, this time to legitimately buy something. But somehow, probably due to the absence of the other hyenas from the pack, he was calm and controlled. So cease the moment, right? My friend came out of the counter, locked the door. This another guy who ran a chinese joint next door, who had a reputation for his temper, was with us. Now Mr.Smokey smelt trouble once he saw the doors being locked and panicked. The chinese guy already had trouble with the gang before and couldn't wait to jump him and plant one foot right up the young thug. Me, trying to play Mr.Neutral, wasn't doing my job well and soon young thug was flying all over the place. Finally he was let out with a warning of never to been seen around. Now that a few months have passed I wonder if homeboy is working on taming his new territory or if he's helping his grandmother back in the kitchen, being an apple in his mama's eye, as he's nowhere to be seen. Young Thug Clique, we miss you!

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